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❤️Get your ARC of ESCAPE from CYBILL CAIN now!❤️

Romantic couple embracing  at the beach
❤️Meet Max & Annie and fall in love right along with them!❤️


*Sometimes changing one thing can change everything.*

Max Alexander, Hollywood’s king of the silver screen, has made hearts flutter all over the world. He’s just wrapped his latest blockbuster, and is planning to visit on old college friend in Switzerland when his plans unexpectedly change.  To make it up to him, Thomas Meenan, right hand man of his old friend, offers him a stay at Escape, a remote North Carolina B&B on the Atlantic coast.  Unsure of the offer, but unwilling to offend his long term friend, he agrees to check it out.  When he arrives there at four in the morning he finds something he never expected, but soon realizes is exactly what he needed.

Annie Clemons has lived her entire life at Escape, painting in her attic studio, and walking on the beach.  Not long ago she almost lost it to the bank before Thomas Meenan and the Chimera Group invested in the B&B in exchange for occasional use of the property for their special private events.  Now, with Meenan as her partner, her home is secure and her financial troubles are behind her.  She can’t imagine life getting any better until Max Alexander shows up in the middle of the night, and announces his plan to spend a month there alone with her.

When Max and Annie meet hearts pound, and fantasies bloom, but as they grow closer someone else is watching their romance unfold, someone who has had his eye on Annie for a very long time. Someone who will do anything to claim the woman he believes should belong to him.

Be a part of the getaway of a lifetime, and find out how Max and Annie get their happily ever after.

Put the phone on silent again, grab a glass of water in case things get too hot, and buckle up baby.  ❤Cybill’s gonna tuck you in tonight. ❤

❤️Get your ARC of ESCAPE from CYBILL CAIN now!❤️