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7 Days to HAUNTED!

❤️Excerpt from HAUNTED, Coming October 19th!❤️

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“Oh, this is good! What is it?”
“Cinnabon flavored coffee.”
“I need this to make my life complete. Where did you get it?”
“Pretty much anywhere, but I got this at the market over on Third.”
“Yeah, I think that’s the name. Little mom and pop shop?”
“That’s the place. I shop there, too. I’ll add this to my grocery list.” He glanced around my living room while I took another sip, his face lighting up again.
“Is that an Arwen?” he asked, already standing to check out my collectibles.
“Yes, she’s my favorite.” Nervously, I stood and followed him over. This was getting back into deep water. We’d spent a summer reading Tolkien together before renting the movies. I could remember sitting beside him on the sofa in his parent’s house like it was yesterday. I’d reached for his hand when she’d stood up for Frodo, and summoned the water horses. I’d been crying I was so lost in the story, and he’d grabbed a tissue to wipe my tears before giving my hand an understanding squeeze. I’d wanted to die from sheer joy right there.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, turning to face me with a concerned look.
“Nothing,” I tried to smile at him, but I couldn’t quite manage it. His big hand came up to my face. When his thumb swiped away a silent tear that had slipped down my cheek, I wanted to scream at him. Instead, I turned my face into his hand, and let myself pretend for just a second that he knew me, and that it meant so much more than it actually did.
My eyes opened when I felt him step closer to me, locking with his, seeing confusion and concern dancing in his crystal blue gaze. His eyes looked down at my lips and then back up to my eyes. He started to lean in very slowly, giving me plenty of time to tell him no, but I couldn’t. I’d waited a lifetime for this kiss. I wanted this kiss. I deserved this kiss.

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