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Reviewed By Grant Leishman for Readersโ€™ Favorite

Escape by Cybill Cain is a novella that is a cross between a steamy romance and erotica. When Max Alexander, silver screen superstar, finishes his latest movie he needs a break and his old friend offers him exactly that with a month at an isolated beach B&B on the North Carolina coast, all to himself. An opportunity to be pampered is not one Max is going to turn up his nose at, but little did he suspect that this vacation would mark a turning point in his life. Annie Clemons, the woman who runs Escape is a self-contained artist who has spent virtually all her life at the boarding house that has been in the family for generations. She also has an undying movie crush on the gorgeous Max Alexander. When Max first arrives, sparks fly between the pair and so develops an adventure.

It is obvious that Escape is part of a larger series of books grouped together as Chimera Club stories. Although only a novella, I found the story packed full of intrigue and adventure, not to mention the sex, which was hot, steamy and well written by the author. I do enjoy a good, old-fashioned romance from time to time and this is exactly what Escape is โ€“ an escape into fantasy and desire. We all dream of the perfect relationship with the perfect man/woman and Cybill Cain brings us that in Escape. Perhaps Max is too perfect physically, but then again, he is an actor so what can you expect. As pure escapism, it is as good as anything Iโ€™ve read lately. If you like your romances with some sexual bite, then Iโ€™m sure this will prove a winner for you. A good solid five stars for this effort.

โค๏ธLet Cybill tuck you in tonight.โค๏ธ