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He Sets Me Free Master_edited-1I never know when I sit down to write exactly who I am going to meet. I’m what they call a “planner” and a “pantser”, as in, like the heroine of Roped, I make lists. My lists have lists of things that need to be listed. But then I start meeting the people I am writing about, and my planning becomes pantsing, as in flying by the seat of.

I like that. It keeps it interesting when the character says or does something I didn’t see coming, and I stop and look at the page and go, “Really?” and the character goes “Yep,” and twirls their proverbial finger for me to get on with it.

I met Morgan Lightner for the first time in Delicious, and as another reviewer has said, he was only a frustrated voice on the phone trying to get James Draven back to work after nearly a year of hiding in his Swiss Chalet because of the scars on his face from a car accident. I found out he was a cowboy in All the Colors of My Heart when James, now very much out of hiding, visits his best friend Max Alexander and is talking about how the first thing he is going to do when he returns to work is give Morgan a much deserved vacation.

I have to admit, I made a “squeeing” sound of joy to know that I had a cowboy romance in my future. I love cowboys just as much as I do romance, so it was something I was very much looking forward to writing.

The first question I had to ask myself, is the same question I always have to ask when writing Chimera, “What is Thomas Meenan going to do?” For the fans of Chimera, you know what I mean, because Meenan is always a supporting character in Chimera, often seeming to play the role of Cupid for the couples in these books. But he is so much more than that, and we learn more and more every time we get the chance to see him in action. Understanding his role in each love story helps to build the framework for what the leading characters will be and do together, as well as contributing to the overall arc of mystery and suspense that serves as a backdrop for all the Chimera Club Stories.

Every couple, and every story in Chimera is unique. Daphne and Morgan perhaps even more so than usual. They are both deep thinkers, both incredibly intelligent and drawn to each other from the moment they meet. They are passionate people who enjoy each other as friends and co-workers. Both of them know that they need each other, but their brains keep trying to apply logic in matters where the heart should lead. Taking the journey with them, seeing them open up to each other and themselves was incredible to watch.

Roped, as the tagline says, breaks all the rules. Not just the rules Daphne and Morgan are afraid to cross, it also breaks out and offers us a different kind of H and h, people who aren’t trying to figure out if they are in love, but rather how to handle the feeling and not lose each other in the process.

Roped is different because we get a little taste of the paranormal, and maybe most of all, Roped is different because we get to see the h use a red scarf in some very steamy ways on the H in a scene that I absolutely loved writing because that kind of play between lovers was new for me as a writer.

I work to make sure that Cybill Cain books, are original, fun, sexy and intriguing and it is my sincere hope that you will always find them to be so. My goal is always to give you a serious case of “the feels” with every story. Feel the love, feel the steamy, feel the mystery, and then wanting to feel it all over again.

If you’ re looking for a steamy office romance, with cowboy yummy and a dash of mysticism, get Roped by Cybill Cain. Available for Preorder now.

Tell Me About the Red Scarf

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