Ending 2018 With A Fang

Some people think vampires are just for Halloween. I like them at Christmas, too. 🙂 Especially when they are so smoking hot sexy they make you forget it’s cold outside!

In the coming weeks I will be sharing information about the release of my new series, Stories of the Heart, A Vampire Love Story. It’s a sizzling hot story about Sara Siler, a young woman who confesses to her nearest and dearest friend on Christmas Eve that she wishes vampires were real, not suspecting that he is one!

Eli Solomon is an ancient vampire who is coming to end of his year long sabbatical of pretending to be a human college boy, and he must decide if he is willing to risk everything for a chance to truly know love for the first time in his long life.

We all have a secret wish in our hearts. One that we might never find the courage to confess. But what might happen if we did? What rewards await the brave and true of heart?

Find out with me in Dark Heart, A Vampire Love Story, the first book in Stories of the Heart, coming December 17th exclusively on Amazon!

Here’s a little tease, just wet your appetite. This is one you won’t want to miss!

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Full Reveal Coming 11/29!



2 thoughts on “Ending 2018 With A Fang”

  1. Hi! ) So sorry for the delayed response. Things are mad crazy busy here, but yes they are going well. I hope the same is true for you, and wish you happy holidays!! 🙂

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