A vampire’s love lives forever.
For thousands of years I waited to find my Sara.
She was everything to me.
Three years ago I lost her.
The time without her has left me a cold, empty, shell of man.
I had given up hope when I found her again.
But she doesn’t know who I am.
Someone has stolen her memories of our time together.
I’m going to make her remember our love.
I’m going to make her remember what my touch can do to her body.
I’m going to make her mine again, forever.
Then I’ll find those who took her from me, and I’ll make them pay.

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❤️ This is Stories of the Heart Book 2. To understand what is happening you need to have read Dark Heart, Stories of the Heart Book 1.
❤️This story ends on a cliffhanger.
❤️Book 3, Fiery Heart will be released April 29, 2019.

New to Stories of the Heart? Go back to the beginning of this scorching hot affair, where a vampire finds his forever love on Christmas Eve.

I am more than a man. I am the lover that will take you to heights you’ve never imagined.

I have seen stars turn to dust.

I have felt my heart turn to stone.

Then I found Sara, and knew that each long night waiting

had been but a prelude to this time with her.


But I met her in a dream, and we’re about to wake up.

If I had found her sooner, we would have had more time.

But it doesn’t matter because there would never be enough.

I’ll defy the ticking clock and show her the passion she inspires

in my immortal soul.

Time will never take her from me.

I will carry the taste of her on my tongue for eternity.

I will whisper her name when the sun burns from the sky.


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