OWSCyCon 2019 is Happening NOW!

Have you ever been to Con?

There are so many, and some are more famous than others. There’s DragonCon and ComiCon, you hear about that last one all the time ’cause the movie stars usually go there.

No matter how big or famous the Con is, or isn’t, they all have one very important thing in common.


I attended DragonCon in Atlanta once with a friend who had failed to make her reservations early and had been stuck at an outlying hotel where she had to walk quite a distance to attend the events.

“I don’t understand it!” she said to me. “Somehow I have to walk UP HILL both ways to get to my hotel!”

Conventions can also be EXPENSIVE. Hotel rooms, membership fees, food, travel. And then you get there and have to walk up hill both ways.

❤️First, it’s FREE! No fees or memberships to attend.
❤️Second, it’s a VIRTUAL CONVENTION!

That’s right folks, you can sit around in your hole-y underwear- or your holy underwear in case The Pope is reading this- and peruse author booths, books, and meet other virtual attendees representing many different genres.
**Science Fiction


Meet some authors, maybe win some prizes, hang out and learn about books you haven’t read yet, or even better, chat about ones you have!
You can be naked, drunk and rowdy in front your computer and no one will know but you!
Unless you turn on the webcam. No helping you then, and that one is on you!

I seriously recommend a visit. Tell your friends, too!
❤️ OWSCycon Main Event Page
❤️Cybill Cain Booth at OWSCyCon 2019

Would love to see you come by and drop some love on the Worlds of Cain! ❤️

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