I read my first romance when I was thirteen.  I spent my birthday money on it at the drug store while my mom shopped for groceries.  It had a gorgeous blond woman and a deeply tanned dark haired man on the cover kissing like they needed it to live.  I snuck it home, and up to my room like it was a bomb about to go off.  I wasn’t wrong, just inaccurate.  😉

Between then and now I have turned to romance novels for a fix of happy, a distraction, and a wish upon a star.  I’ve fallen in love with more fictional men than real ones, and the only time they’ve ever let me down was when the story ended.

Here, for us both,  I’m going to create some men we can fall in love with.  They never leave their socks on the floor, stand right in front of  something and swear they can’t find it, and they always figure out the right thing to say and do, eventually.

I write ’em the same way I like to read ’em, hot and steamy. There will always be a happily ever after, with a side of sweet so strong you can take your coffee black while you read.

The idea for the Chimera Club Stories came to me when I was driving home one day.  It started with Poker Face, and the wild idea that a rich man, under the right circumstances, might bet everything he owned to find love.  Once I started writing and entered into that world it grew bigger.  I started to think about all the things that had to happen to pull off an event like we see in Poker Face, and who would be running the show.  All of those questions came together in the Chimera Club Stories.

I am delighted to share them all with you here.


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