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The Delicious Power of Love

Looking for a heartwarming steamy Christmas story about the power of love? Delicious by Cybill Cain will make you forget it’s cold outside. Turn off that phone, and let Cybill tuck you in tonight. FREE on KU, yours forever just $.99! One taste will never be enough. Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/l1e0m4

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She was the light in his darkness.

Delicious by Cybill Cain Available FREE on KU, or yours forever $.99 ❤Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/l1e0m4   James dreamed of Della and the life they might have had for a year.   A year of pain and darkness following a car accident that he barely survived. What happens when his dreams come true? Find out, and let Cybill… Continue reading She was the light in his darkness.

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The Healing Power of Love

Let the healing power of love light up your December with this steamy love story from Cybill Cain. Delicious, the latest Chimera Club Story, available now. FREE on KU, yours forever $.99 ❤Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/l1e0m4

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Annie Speaks in Art

We know that James (Delicious) and Max ( Escape) have been best friends since college. This morning I've been thinking about what happens when Della meets Annie for the first time. Annie speaks in art, and this is what she showed me to go along with the words that she whispered in my ear. "This… Continue reading Annie Speaks in Art