The Chimera Club Stories are stand alone steamy romances that you can read in any order. Some characters will pop up from time to time, but these books are designed to be something you could just relax into, and not worry about where you were in the set. Just click the cover and let Cybill tuck you in tonight!

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Poker Face  Book 1

We’re not just playing. We’re playing to win it all.

I never take risks.
I kept my nose in my books and my heart on the shelf.
I thought that was the best way to keep it safe.
But Brandon makes me think safety is overrated, and I’m falling in love for the first time in my life.
Nothing will ever be the same for me again.
This doesn’t feel like a risk at all.

I risked everything for a chance to win big.
I wanted to feel something. I wanted to know love.
But risking everything wasn’t what made me feel again.
It was meeting Camille, and finding the one woman in all the world who wanted me more than she wanted my money.
Nothing will ever be the same for me again.
This doesn’t feel like a risk at all.

We were thrown together by fate, and offered a chance to win everything we ever dreamed of having.  

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She’s everything I never knew I needed.

I found her when I least expected it.
A painted goddess by a stormy sea, and she stole my heart.
I wanted to know her. I wanted to love her.
I wanted to show Annie Clemons the world, and let her be my muse.

He’s everything I ever dreamed of having.

I knew him from movies and television, but I didn’t know the man at all.
He was the king of the silver screen, and I’d loved him for years.
How can I tell him what a difference he’s made to me?
How can I show Max Alexander he’s the king of my heart?

They say opposites attract, but what we feel goes beyond who we are on the surface, and into something deeper and more real than we ever imagined.

Can we hold on to each other and still be true to who are?

HAUNTED SERIES SYNC 201800503_edited-6❤️AMAZON❤️ Apple ❤️ Nook ❤️ KOBO ❤️


Nothing has ever mattered to me more than him.

He was my best friend in high school.
He is the only man I’ve ever loved.
But we lost each other, and I have never been the same.
When Stacy McGill moves in next door, and crashes into the life I’ve made for myself, I won’t be able to stay away.
Staying away from him is the one thing I’ve never wanted to do.

She’s the woman who taught me to love.

I loved her with everything in me before I was even old enough to shave.
She was my light, and my heart.
And when she left me the world around me got a little darker.
Finding Janine Banner next door makes everything in me come alive again.
I want her. All of her, and I will never let her go again.
I just have to convince her that we were meant to be.

Things are more complicated now. He doesn’t understand the danger of being in my life.
I have no life without her, and no risk is too great if I can be with her.
Can we heal the wounds of the past and give in to the love that still beats on our hearts only for each other?

DELICIOUS SERIES SYNC 201800503_edited-7❤️AMAZON❤️ Apple ❤️ Nook ❤️ KOBO ❤️

One taste will never be enough.

I saw the man of my dreams once across a crowded restaurant.
But then he disappeared.
A year later I’m still dreaming about him and what might have been.
And though we’ve never met, I know in my heart when I find out James is in trouble there is nothing I won’t do to save him.

I knew she was meant to be mine the first time I saw her.
But I missed my chance.
Now I’m scarred and alone, barely living on dreams of all the things that might have been.
When Della comes to me, I know in my heart that I will never let her go again.
Even if letting her go is what’s best for her.

I can still see the man I wanted to know under the scars, and I want him to let me in.

Her light shines to me like a beacon, calling for me to be the man I used to be.

Finding our way to each other is the most important thing we  will ever do.

Nothing can stand in the way our love.

We were meant to be.

ATCOMH SERIES SYNC 201800503_edited-14❤️AMAZON ❤️ Apple ❤️ Nook ❤️ KOBO ❤️

All the Colors of My Heart Book 5

The past and the future come together, and form a kaleidoscope in All the Colors of My Heart – A Chimera Club Short Story Collection.

James Draven has secured his future with Della, and made her his wife, but he still needs to mend the bridges between him and Max Alexander, his best friend since college. As soon as he returns from his honeymoon, he and Della head to North Carolina to visit Max and Annie at Escape where old friends and new friends await in Colors of My Heart.

Tony McIntire is learning it’s hard to let go of the past. While he tries to find peace with his own personal demons, he realizes that he and Janie McGill, the love of his best friend Stacy’s life, need to clear the air between them once and for all. Meanwhile, Janie and Stacy are also feeling the weight of regrets from their past, as each wrestles with a secret fear that their renewed love may not be enough to make up for all the time they were apart. The bonds of friendship and love grow stronger between them in If You Ever Need Anything.

When Brandon and Camille get back from their honeymoon, his plans to secure a more comfortable life for Annalise are rocked by some unexpected news. Fearing that the future he has envisioned may be in danger, he embarks on a quest for information that could lead to a cure for Annalise, but to find what he needs he has to dig into the past that she kept from Camille. Fate loves to bold, especially when I’ve got an Ace Up My Sleeve .

At twenty-four, James Draven is named head of Draven International Holdings. Still reeling from the sudden loss of his father, and needing one last hurrah, he steals away to Amsterdam to meet up with his best friend Max, but gets more than he bargained for when he’s contacted by Kyrie Constantine, a mysterious industrialist who wants to make a deal with the new CEO. Is The Man with the Golden Soul ready for what comes next?

We’ve laughed with them in Poker Face, Escape, Haunted and Delicious.

We’ve held on to the edge of our seats as they showed us again and again that love can conquer all!

Now, get more of everything you loved!

Get more of their backstories, and the sweet, hot moments in between!

Find out more about the mystery man, Thomas Meenan, as he weaves in and out of their lives. What secrets is he hiding in his past?

What is the Chimera Club, and how did it start?

Answers, mysteries and steamy love await you in All the Colors of My Heart – A Chimera Club Short Story Collection.

DESIRE SERIES SYNC 201800503_edited-8❤️AMAZON❤️ Apple ❤️ Nook ❤️ KOBO ❤️


Falling in love is a dangerous game.

I planned to smile.
I planned to flash my baby blues and washboard abs.
I planned to take Mila Samuels to bed and make her want to tell me all her secrets.
I didn’t plan to fall in love.

I planned to be nice to the new guy.
I planned to keep Tony McIntire away from unscrupulous women.
I planned to keep my secrets safe, like I have since I was a child.
I didn’t plan to fall in love.

We have so many secrets, but our desire for each other has made us both bold and reckless.

I would give him anything.

I would die to protect her.

When the truth comes out, will our love survive?

ROPED SERIES SYNC 201800503_edited-9❤️AMAZON❤️ Apple ❤️ Nook ❤️ KOBO ❤️ GPlay ❤️

ROPED Book 7

I see her as the mistress of time management.
I see her as the queen of organization, her sharp mind and insight are priceless to me.
I see her as a warrior, her sword flashing bright when she steps up to defend me.
I see her in my bed, letting me show her all the things a woman like her deserves to experience.

The problem is, Daphne Adams doesn’t see me at all. There’s so much on the line, I can’t lose her. She’s the one thing I have to have to get through the day.

But I want to risk it all.

I see the cowboy boots and expensive suits.
I see the way his lips quirk up on the right side when he’s amused, but hiding it.
I see the best man I’ve ever known, with a heart like no other.
I see him every day, and just being near him makes every day the best day of my life.

The problem is, Morgan Lightner is my boss. If we get personal, the price is the job I’ve been looking for my whole life. Besides, he doesn’t see me that way.

But I wish he did.

Can we find a way to have it all together?