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Delicious by Cybill Cain

One taste will never be enough.

James Draven is a handsome successful billionaire, and the driving force behind the Chimera Club. He’s at the top of his game when he sees the woman he’s been waiting for across a crowded restaurant. His plans to seduce and claim her are brought to a screeching halt when he crashes his car, leaving him scarred, angry and alone, surviving on dreams of the woman he almost met in another life.

Della Martin grew up an orphan, and worked her way to the top of New York’s gourmet elite. When she’s summoned to receive a compliment her first night as head chef she glimpses at a man that takes her breath away, but before she can get to him fate intervenes, and she makes a choice that prevents their meeting.  A year later, still dreaming of the handsome stranger, she meets Thomas Meenan, who tells her that the man she can’t stop thinking about is in trouble, and only she can save him.

This Christmas love story is so hot you’ll forget it’s cold outside. Grab the cookies and the nog, put the phone on silent and prepare to be seduced by Delicious.

❤Let Cybill tuck you in tonight. ❤




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Tuesday Tease: Delicious by Cybill Cain, Coming 11/30- Pre-order now only $.99

“Did you dream about me like this, James?” I asked him, barely more than a whisper. “I dreamed about me like this.” His eyes widened briefly, before he searched my face, perhaps wondering if he was dreaming now. “I came all this way for a kiss. May I have it?”

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Countdown, New Releases, Promos, Teaser

Tuesday Tease: Delicious by Cybill Cain

Her sweater was the same red her gown had been this morning. It tried to be loose around her, but her breasts pushed out against it in rebellion, turning what should have been a boring outfit into something devilishly provocative. I’d seen those breasts, and now not being able to see them was like an itch I couldn’t reach.

I could go in there right now, lift her up on that counter, and murder that poor tortured sweater by ripping it in two. — James, Delicious

Delicious full cover reveal coming 11/14!