Escape (Chimera Club Stories #2)

She’s everything I never knew I needed.

I found her when I least expected it.
A painted goddess by a stormy sea, and she stole my heart.
I wanted to know her. I wanted to love her.
I wanted to show Annie Clemons the world, and let her be my muse.

He’s everything I ever dreamed of having.

I knew him from movies and television, but I didn’t know the man at all.
He was the king of the silver screen, and I’d loved him for years.
How can I tell him what a difference he’s made to me?
How can I show Max Alexander he’s the king of my heart?

They say opposites attract, but what we feel goes beyond who we are on the surface, and into something deeper and more real than we ever imagined.

Can we hold on to each other and still be true to who are?


Editorial Reviews


Reviewed By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite
It is obvious that Escape is part of a larger series of books grouped together as Chimera Club stories. Although only a novella, I found the story packed full of intrigue and adventure, not to mention the sex, which was hot, steamy and well written by the author. I do enjoy a good, old-fashioned romance from time to time and this is exactly what Escape is – an escape into fantasy and desire. We all dream of the perfect relationship with the perfect man/woman and Cybill Cain brings us that in Escape. Perhaps Max is too perfect physically, but then again, he is an actor so what can you expect. As pure escapism, it is as good as anything I’ve read lately. If you like your romances with some sexual bite, then I’m sure this will prove a winner for you. A good solid five stars for this effort.