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A Heart Like No Other – Character Interview with Morgan Lightner from Roped

It’s a cloudy hot morning in July when I sit down with Morgan Lightner, the COO of Draven International Holdings, in a small coffee shop along the Hudson River. I feel inordinately blessed that he agreed to this interview and came back to NY just to meet with me. The first thing I see is… Continue reading A Heart Like No Other – Character Interview with Morgan Lightner from Roped

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Have you been Roped yet?

I ran the beautiful scarf slowly through my hands, and my smile grew wider as he continued to follow my every move like he was hypnotized. Morgan was a neat and meticulously organized man. He liked things to be just so, nearly all the time. The woman in me knew that. The devil in me… Continue reading Have you been Roped yet?

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Roped by Cybill Cain Coming June 21st-Preorder Now!

Preorder the newest Chimera Club Story: Roped by Cybill Cain Amazon: Goodreads Review: AMAZING! STEAMY! Daphne & Morgan's part of the Chimera stories is deep and intense, and so hot your Kindle might start smoking. ; )  

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❤️Amazon❤️ Falling in love is a dangerous game. I planned to smile. I planned to flash my baby blues and washboard abs. I planned to take Mila Samuels to bed and make her want to tell me all her secrets. I didn’t plan to fall in love.   I planned to be nice to the… Continue reading DESIRE is LIVE! POKER FACE is FREE!

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Cover Reveal – Delicious by Cybill Cain

  Delicious by Cybill Cain Available 11/30, PRE-ORDER NOW $.99! ❤️ Amazon ❤️ One taste will never be enough. James Draven is a handsome successful billionaire, and the driving force behind the Chimera Club. He's at the top of his game when he sees the woman he's been waiting for across a crowded restaurant. His… Continue reading Cover Reveal – Delicious by Cybill Cain