Cover Reveal, Promos


This weekend is the debut of the new LOVE2READ ROMANCE PARTY ROOM!

It’s like the hottest new club, the IT place to be.  So many good authors, so many opportunities to hang out! So many sweet filthy things to learn about your favorite authors behind the stories that keep you up at night!

Cybill Cain will be there to takeover Friday 2/2 at 7PM EST! I will be talking talking about The Chimera Club Stories, and my upcoming release All the Colors of My Heart, the exciting new short story collection featuring the characters from Poker Face, Escape, Haunted and Delicious!

I will be unveiling the cover for ATCOMH, and talking about what 2018 holds for the Chimera Club.

It’s going to be so good, when we’re done you’ll want to do it all again!

Scoot your butt over to the Love2Read Romance Party Room and join now!

Don’t miss a bedtime story!