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One year ago today I published Poker Face, Cybill Cain’s debut contemporary romance. It hardly seems more than yesterday to me, but I suppose that is how time works. Unless you are constantly marking every minute it slips away from you.

In the year since I told the story of the billionaire who would risk everything for a chance at feeling alive, and the virgin who needed a way to turn her life around and reclaim it for herself I have written six other volumes in the Chimera Club Stories, each a unique love story filled with characters that I myself couldn’t help but fall in love with over and over again.

I didn’t set out to write romance. Or maybe I did. It’s not something I can pin down exactly. Probably because I don’t like labels of any kind, and consider myself to be a rebel most days. I think I write romance because it is such an intrinsic part of who I am.

I believe in Happily Ever After. I believe in soul mates. I believe in the power of love to conquer all things and change the way we see ourselves and the world around us. I don’t think these core beliefs would change even if I were writing mysteries or action suspense stories because no matter the genre you are invoking what makes a story real is the way the characters resonate and become three dimensional to the reader. You can’t be a three dimensional character without love. You can’t be a three dimensional person without love either.

I don’t even necessarily mean romantic love when I say that. Love is a bouquet of many colors, but the impact it can have in any form is boundless. Recognizing that, talking about that, and showcasing that power is the most important thing to me in the world.

We speak reverently of the invention of fire and how it shaped our species. Rarely do we acknowledge that the first thing we did with that fire was gather around it to tell stories. Stories of great hunts, stories of interaction with beings we perceived as gods, or stories about ourselves and our journeys through life.

As a species we are addicted to stories. We watch them on television, read them in books and gather in modern caves called theaters by flickering light to be told a story. We see ourselves in the characters, either the people we are, or the people we long to be. Nothing is more seductive than the power of a story to transform and shape us, and our view of the world and the people around us. Because of that, stories of boundless love and happiness seem important to me, and so they are the kinds of stories I tell, but they are also the kinds of stories I read.

I always knew I was going to write. It was one of the first things I knew to be true even when I was a child. I never thought much about what I would write, because the story informs the artist as much as the other way around. It took me a very long time to reach a place in my life where I had stories in my head that refused to sleep and insisted that they be given life on the page, but once it happened I can honestly say that nothing has ever made me as happy as seeing a story unfold before my very eyes. There is a sense that I am in the groove I was made for doing what I was meant to do. It gave me a sense of completeness that I have never experienced at any other point in my life. For me, writing is love. I suppose once you know that it makes sense that all my stories are love stories, love letters to the circumstance and events that brought me here to this place in my life.

I am more grateful for this past year than any other in my life. I have learned so much about myself, and the art of writing that at times I feel like I am going to burst at the seams from all the feelings inside me. When that happens I tell myself to take a breath and keep going because even if I do end here, this is the best ending for me that I could have ever imagined.

Thank you all for an amazing year.


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ROPED (Chimera Club Stories #7) IS LIVE!

ROPED SERIES SYNC 201800503_edited-9

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Our love breaks all the rules.

I see her as the mistress of time management.

I see her as the queen of organization, her sharp mind and insight are priceless to me.

I see her as a warrior, her sword flashing bright when she steps up to defend me.

I see her in my bed, letting me show her all the things a woman like her deserves to experience.

The problem is, Daphne Adams doesn’t see me at all. There’s so much on the line, I can’t lose her. She’s the one thing I have to have to get through the day.

But I want to risk it all.

I see the cowboy boots and expensive suits.

I see the way his lips quirk up on the right side when he’s amused, but hiding it.

I see the best man I’ve ever known, with a heart like no other.

I see him every day, and just being near him makes every day the best day of my life.

The problem is, Morgan Lightner is my boss. If we get personal, the price is the job I’ve been looking for my whole life. Besides, he doesn’t see me that way.

But I wish he did.

Can we find a way to have it all together?

Roped (Chimera Club Stories #7) is AVAILABLE NOW!

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Desire – Coming April 19th!

DESIRE – The first full length Chimera Club love story!



DESIRE MASTER COVER 7_edited-1Sometimes, to see the truth, you have to look with your heart. 

Tony McIntire has always believed that if he was nothing else, he was pretty, but the former Marine, and current security man for Chimera, is about to come face to face with the truth about himself when Thomas Meenan sends him to Oklahoma, chasing a woman who could have information about the ruthless Russian arms dealer, Sergei Sokolov.

He expected it to be easy. He’d flash his baby blues and his megawatt smile, he’d bend over in his perfect form fitting jeans, and she’d spill her secrets across his pillow before she knew what was happening, but Mila Samuels has a surprise in store for him.

Blind since she was six years old, she’s impervious to his washboard abs and wide shoulders, and nothing is going the way he planned. To get close to Mila, he’s going to have to open himself up in ways he never has before. Before long, he starts to see not only Mila, but himself in a new way, and the control he’s so used to having slips away.

But the Chimera team aren’t the only ones after Mila Samuels. She’s been on the run since she was eight years old, and just as she starts to believe she can let her guard down with the man she’s falling for, old enemies find her again.

Can Tony save her from the past that still haunts her nightmares, and will their newfound love survive the secrets they’ve been keeping from each other?

This one has it all. Hot steamy love, action, adventure and Thomas Meenan, too. You don’t want to miss it!

Give in to your Desire, and let Cybill tuck you in on April 19th!

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All the Colors of My Heart – A Chimera Club Short Story Collection is LIVE!

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Cape Hatteras The past and the future come together, and form a kaleidoscope in All the Colors of My Heart – A Chimera Club Short Story Collection.

James Draven has secured his future with Della, and made her his wife, but he still needs to mend the bridges between him and Max Alexander, his best friend since college.  As soon as he returns from his honeymoon, he and Della head to North Carolina to visit Max and Annie at Escape where old friends and new friends await in Colors of My Heart. 

Tony McIntire is learning it’s hard to let go of the past. While he tries to find peace with his own personal demons, he realizes that he and Janie McGill, the love of his best friend Stacy’s life, need to clear the air between them once and for all. Meanwhile, Janie and Stacy are also feeling the weight of regrets from their past, as each wrestles with a secret fear that their renewed love may not be enough to make up for all the time they were apart. The bonds of friendship and love grow stronger between them in If You Ever Need Anything. 

When Brandon and Camille get back from their honeymoon, his plans to secure a more comfortable life for Annalise are rocked by some unexpected news. Fearing that the future he has envisioned may be in danger, he embarks on a quest for information that could lead to a cure for Annalise, but to find what he needs he has to dig into the past that she kept from Camille. Fate loves to bold, especially when I’ve got an Ace Up My Sleeve .

At twenty-four, James Draven is named head of Draven International Holdings. Still reeling from the sudden loss of his father, and needing one last hurrah, he steals away to Amsterdam to meet up with his best friend Max, but gets more than he bargained for when he’s contacted by Kyrie Constantine, a mysterious industrialist who wants to make a deal with the new CEO.  Is The Man with the Golden Soul ready for what comes next?

We’ve laughed with them in Poker Face, Escape, Haunted and Delicious. 

We’ve held on to the edge of our seats as they showed us again and again that love can conquer all!

Now, get more of everything you loved! 

Get more of their backstories, and the sweet, hot moments in between!

Find out more about the mystery man, Thomas Meenan, as he weaves in and out of their lives. What secrets is he hiding in his past?

What is the Chimera Club, and how did it start?

Answers mysteries and steamy love await you in All the Colors of My Heart – A Chimera Club Short Story Collection. 

Take it home now, and let Cybill tuck you in tonight. ❤️ AMAZON ❤️