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Chimera Club Soundtrack Updated with the Sounds of DESIRE

Have you tuned into the Chimera Club Soundtrack on iTunes or YouTube?

❤️Don’t miss out on the sounds of DESIRE!❤️

The Chimera Club Soundtrack

Falling in love is a dangerous game.

I planned to smile.

I planned to flash my baby blues and washboard abs.

I planned to take Mila Samuels to bed and make her want to tell me all her secrets.

I didn’t plan to fall in love.


I planned to be nice to the new guy.

I planned to keep Tony McIntire away from unscrupulous women.

I planned to keep my secrets safe, like I have since I was a child.

I didn’t plan to fall in love.


We have so many secrets, but our desire for each other has made us both bold and reckless.


I would give him anything.


I would die to protect her.


When the truth comes out, will our love survive?

Read the first full length Chimera Club Story, coming April 19th!  This story is jam packed with romance, action and suspense. Tony and Mila will keep you on the edge of your seat!


❤️Let Cybill tuck you in tonight.❤️





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Desire has it all. A sexy alpha male, a sassy heroine, motorcycles, pianos, and steamy kisses that lead to duets in the dark.

“If you haven’t read Cybill Cain, you’re missing out on some of the best emotive literature out there. Her books will leave their mark on you and her characters will forever live in your heart. I can’t urge you strongly enough to grab this book! This is one that will stay with you, and you’ll find yourself hungry for more from this series.” Rachel’s review of DESIRE on Goodreads.

Cybill Cain’s Chimera Club Stories, where romance meets action. Let Cybill tuck you in tonight.


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Not sure what happened to the links in the first post, but I’ve added them again here. I mean you can’t find the party without a map, right? 🙂


This weekend is the debut of the new LOVE2READ ROMANCE PARTY ROOM!

It’s like the hottest new club, the IT place to be.  So many good authors, so many opportunities to hang out! So many sweet filthy things to learn about your favorite authors behind the stories that keep you up at night!

Cybill Cain will be there to takeover Friday 2/2 at 7PM EST! I will be talking talking about The Chimera Club Stories, and my upcoming release All the Colors of My Heart, the exciting new short story collection featuring the characters from Poker Face, Escape, Haunted and Delicious!

I will be unveiling the cover for ATCOMH, and talking about what 2018 holds for the Chimera Club.

It’s going to be so good, when we’re done you’ll want to do it all again!

Scoot your butt over to the Love2Read Romance Party Room and join now! Tell your friends, and bring them, too. Everyone needs a little sweet filthy romance!

Don’t miss a bedtime story!



Cover Reveal, featured, New Releases, Pre-Order

Cover Reveal – Delicious by Cybill Cain


Delicious by Cybill Cain

Available 11/30, PRE-ORDER NOW $.99! ❤️ Amazon ❤️

delicious-final-cover_edited-1.jpgOne taste will never be enough.

James Draven is a handsome successful billionaire, and the driving force behind the Chimera Club. He’s at the top of his game when he sees the woman he’s been waiting for across a crowded restaurant. His plans to seduce and claim her are brought to a screeching halt when he crashes his car, leaving him scarred, angry and alone, surviving on dreams of the woman he almost met in another life.

Della Martin grew up an orphan, and worked her way to the top of New York’s gourmet elite. When she’s summoned to receive a compliment her first night as head chef she glimpses  a man that takes her breath away, but before she can get to him fate intervenes, and she makes a choice that prevents their meeting. A year later, still dreaming of the handsome stranger, she meets Thomas Meenan, who tells her that the man she can’t stop thinking about is in trouble, and only she can save him.

This Christmas love story is so hot you’ll forget it’s cold outside. Grab the cookies and the nog, put the phone on silent and prepare to be seduced by Delicious.
❤Let Cybill tuck you in tonight. ❤